Enemy Waves!

Hey everyone, Mad Monkey Games here! For the latest update I implemented a basic enemy wave system. It’s fairly simple. There is a designated number of enemies for the spawner to spawn each wave. When it has spawned the designated number of enemies it will stop spawning them and give the player a break in till the next wave starts. Whenever a new wave starts 5 will be added to the number of enemies to spawn. I also added UI on the top left of the screen that tells you what wave you’re on, how many enemies are in the current wave, and how many total enemies are currently alive. In between each wave text appears in the middle of the screen saying, “Get ready for the next wave!”.

I also added a hit flash effect for the enemies and the blocks and weapons. 

This game is coming along quickly so I plan to have a playable demo out in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for reading! Comment what you think.

Also, if anyone has a idea for a block, weapon, or trap to put in the game, comment your idea. I would love to hear it!

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