Hello everyone, Mad  Monkey Games here! I am a solo dev and It is my dream to release commercial games.This is my first go at it! I am only a couple months into development and the game is nowhere near finished!

I thought it would be beneficial and tons of fun to write a devlog as I make the game to get feedback and make the game better. I will be doing my best to post something new every week.

Now time for some game info!

Blocks keep is an action platformer strategy defense game where you build a epic fortress and place weapons and traps to defend yourself from the oncoming hordes of enemies. You will gain money and experience to be able to unlock new blocks, weapons and traps. To make it more interesting you will be able to play local co-op with a friend so you can survive together! I am making it in a program called Gamemaker Studio 2.

This is just my intro post, so stick around for the next post where I will be getting more into the development as I truly start this journey.

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